Medical Gas Equipment

Oxygen therapy such as Vectr Plus’ medical gas regulators are responsible for controlling the oxygen flow from a medical gas tank to the patient. Our premium selection features gas regulators, portable phlegm suction units, oxygen concentrators and Gentec flowmeters.

Gentec 197M Oxygen Regulator

All products approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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Our oxygen gas regulators feature dual tapers, an internal relief valve and pressure compensated gas flow rates, ensuring our patients have the safest, easiest and most comfortable experience possible. When selecting the correct medical gas regulator it’s important to consult a professional before purchase to ensure you choose the right regulator for you and your medical needs. Our flow meters are for medical gases only and come in a range of sizes to suit your individual needs. Our Gentec Flowmeter’s feature durable polycarbonate tubes, a slim body and high quality stainless steel ball floats to ensure accuracy and ease of use. Vectr also offers medical grade oxygen concentrators featuring low sound levels and 5L oxygen flow. Our top of the line portable phlegm suction units includes a cool down system, detachable powerline, high liquid capacity and more. Spend $100 or more and receive express, free delivery on all medical equipment and gas regulators.

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